Fast paced, spicy, dramatic and tense, this novel will change the way you think about money, power and success and will stay with you forever.

When young associate Katya Kuznetsova loses her job at Lehman Brothers in London, she takes up a new investment banking role in Moscow, Russia, where she is even more praised for executing the corrupt financial schemes with the high-profile clientele.

Dedicated to succeeding, Katya starts an extramarital affair with tycoon Akbar Gromov, who shows her the world which she learnt from childhood was success, and which she so badly desires. But at the same time she experiences the transactionality, the sense of promotion, of being a bought object, of wanting to be bought, of being repelled by being bought, and breaking apart the cliché we see in Hollywood movies.

Trying to prove her own self-worth, Katya finds herself trapped by her lifestyle; she subconsciously engages in self-punishment, including ever more destructive sex, alcohol and drug abuse.

Katya’s only friend Richard, a half-French half-English Financial Times journalist, trying to overcome his old childhood trauma, rebuffs her when he realizes her success is based on corruption for her increased venality, which essentially forces her to start questioning her own happiness.

Eventually, things get out of control, leading to the dreadful consequences Katya is trying to fix, humiliating herself and losing everything she owns; but she finds something, which was always there, she just could never see it, something priceless …

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