‘Inadequate’ thoughts on my feature in The Telegraph

Some time ago, The Telegraph Woman asked me to write a feature on the truth about being a woman in banking. They wanted juicy details and scandalous examples of how women are maltreated and victimized in a male-dominated environment. I was rather reluctant to write...

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A day of my life as a writer

When it comes to writing a book there is no such thing as inspiration. To me it is sheer discipline – pure allocation of time and space. It took me quite some time to finalize the structure and character arcs for my novel “Snow Job. The Great Game”. But once it was...

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The reason why no regulation can tackle bankers greed

Not so long ago, in the Moscow’s financial institutions, it was not that unusual to see a back-office employee sitting right next to an FX or rates trader, filing the intraday tickets on a buy low/sell high basis. He or she would then stamp the papers with the time...

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Inside the walk of shame

It is 7 a.m. I am walking across the open-plan trading floor, with most of my male colleagues are applauding, wolf-whistling and booing me as I pass by. All this, just because that I am wearing the exact same dress I wore yesterday. Ten years later, while writing this...

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