Snow Job: The Great Game

When young associate Katya Kuznetsova is made redundant from Lehman Brothers in London, she relocates to Moscow to start a new job at the Swiss Bank. Haunted by her childhood insecurities and desperate to succeed, she flirtatiously throws herself into this high-flying world and is soon seduced by the money, promotions and glamorous lifestyle, which consume her every waking moment.
Willingly lured into an extra-marital affair with Russian oligarch and living cliché Akbar Gromov, she is thrust deeper into the world of the super-rich: private jets, designer clothes and exclusive parties.
As events play out, the allure and excitement start to fade and Katya can no longer suppress the feeling of having become someone’s sordid little property. However, when she confides in her only true friend, fi journalist Richard, she is distraught to have him rebuff her last cry for help, in disgust at how far she has fallen.
Caught in a bind between the illusory luxury of this world and her own deep unhappiness, she starts to wonder whether there is something wrong with her – or, perhaps, something wrong with the system. But leaving their world has never been easy.

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