Snow Job: The Great Game

A young associate Katya Kuznetsova is made redundant from Lehman Brothers in 2008 in London, and relocates to Moscow to start a new job at the Swiss Bank. Haunted by her childhood insecurities, she flirtatiously throws herself into this high-flying world and lets herself get corrupted both inside and out.

Desperate to succeed, she starts an extramarital affair with a ruthless oligarch and persuades him to enter into a risky financial deal, for which she expects to earn a handsome commission (and never have to depend on anyone or anything ever again).

Little does she know, the only thing she is dependent on is her limited mindset, which leads to dreadful and uncontrolled consequences which deeply affect not only current affairs but also Katya’s family. Desperately, she tries to come to terms with the pain of her childhood and for the first time in her life she stands her ground and does what she believes is right. This, of course, does not fly with the business interests of those invested in the financial scheme. Katya will have to find a way to deal with all the counterparties if she wants to stay alive.

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