Trama. Turmoil. Transformation.

Fast-paced, spicy, dramatic and tense, “Snow Job: The Great Game” is a story of one woman’s resilience in the face of servitude; in a philosophical blend of a contemporary memoir, suspense and psychology, intertwined with a harrowing tale of corruption.

About the book

It is the story of a modern young professional woman dealing with her childhood insecurities whilst dealing with political and diplomatic issues with Russia, as well as sexual harassment in the banking world ( #metoo movement).

Inspired by the life experiences of its author, “Snow Job: The Great Game” delivers the reader headlong into the high-octane world of international high finance and business interests, and gives a startling insight into the influence of Russian money in the modern-day Great Game.


Ukrainian-born and western-educated, Jenni spent over 10 years working with the Russian financial sector. In 2016, when the relationship between Russia and the West started to deteriorate, she lost my last job and saw it as an opportunity to push her creative endeavors. She took courses in creative writing in London, NYC and LA. She was also privately mentored in story structuring by one of the established British writers. Today she lives in an undisclosed location, enjoying a quieter life as an author, musician and a mom. She has also produced an original Snow Job music album to accompany the release of this book (available worldwide across all media platforms).

Snow Job Book Trailer (Deep House)

With the symbols from the novel

Snow Job song Full Video (Smooth Jazz)

The original song is written and performed by Jenny Ferchenko herself.

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